Welcome to Ezharakkoottam !

The very natural reasons that exist around us caused the birth of Ezharakkoottam, an assembly of like-minded men, who wished to serve the needy and the poor.

On May 10-2001 eight friends together with three patrons, assembled in Kallumkoottam purely a poor rural area at Wadakkanchery and gave birth to the oraganisation ‘Ezharakkoottam’. It is a registered organisation under Charitable Society Act (R.No.448/2001). The organisaion is doing something for the very deserving persons.

puthumukham : puthumukham             |             Nakshathra vIlakku : Nakshathra vIlakku             |            

The verbal meaning of the word Ezharakkoottam in the Malayalam tongue is “A group of seven and a half persons”. Even though the real number of the founder members is eight, they thought of leaving the remaining half the number to God almighty.

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Our service to the poor and the needy covers several areas of human conditions. The unnoticed and the uncared persons were selected to receive our help. Presently our activities have been limited to the entire jurisdiction of Thrissur district.

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